im sleepy and since the bae is asleep i might as well stop fighting it

When I dream it’s about you

not even gonna try to deal with tomorrow

if In Tokyo doesn’t make you think of me you don’t know me


hooked into a machine; a mix for smooching robots

i. speed of love (owl city) ii. beta love (ra ra riot) iii. light me up (icona pop) iv. in tokyo (studio killers) v. motherboard (daft punk) vi. activate my heart (natalia kills) vii. love they say (tegan & sara) viii. can’t keep your mind off (data romance) ix. superconductor (beautiful small machines) x. crystallized (young the giant) xi. everlasting arms (vampire weekend) xii. rules (jayme dee) xiii. still alive (portal) xiv. don’t unplug me (all caps) xv. electric feel (mgmt) xvi. reach for me (smash cast) xvii. machine (regina spektor) xviii. travelling like the light (vv brown) xix. we could be friends (freelance whales) xx. the body electric (rush) xxi. automatic (pointer sisters) xxii. she’s supersonic (hazel) xxiii. one more robot sympathy/3000 21 (flaming lips)

listen here!



there is only two people on this earth that make those moves work for them


this guy


if you haven’t watched drrr!! yet you’re gonna wanna get on that to prepare for me losin my shit when s2 starts


*wheezes* i did it


i heard kissing is good for u so how about we both try to stay healthy huh

why would u focus on kida when mikado’s outfit is so much more questionable